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  1. Hi all, I'm asking this question for a friend of a friend who doesn't have a computer. She is currently an LVN in California, and is thinking of moving over here to Arizona. Does anybody know if Arizona recognizes her license from California? I have been doing some google searches looking for info and am not being too successful. I came across this site and see that you have quite an active message board. I figure someone on here just might be able to answer this for us, or at least point us in the right direction. She is going to be calling her licensing agency to find out with whom she should deal in Arizona. Just thought maybe we could get a jump on it here.

    BTW, I have some good friends who are RN's and I admire you all no end!
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  3. by   cactus wren
    If you`re talking about the multi-state licenseure thing...Nope Calif isn`t part of it. But there should be no problem with your friend of a, etc. getting an Az license. the BON will recognize a valid lic. from other states., and can get an Az lic.
  4. by   sjoe
    You need to get in touch with the Arizona BON and ask them what they need to get an AZ license. They will send the forms and instructions. It is wisest to do this by mail BEFORE moving to another state, since it often takes months to complete.

    Every state is different, every state requires different things, both for incoming and outgoing nurses. (And they all require higher fees to do this every year, it seems.)
  5. by   Azgal
    Thanks to you both. I got the address and phone number of the Arizona state nursing board. I also found the rules on their website. Thanks again.
  6. by   2banurse
    How can you find out more information about this reciprocity? Although I will be getting my nursing degree down here, I still have hopes to move back to NYC.
  7. by   Azgal
    Hi 2banurse, here's a list of the Boards of Nursing for the various states.
    and here's info about the Compact Agreement among various states.

    I'm still learning a lot here and I'm not even in the profession! lol. But this is really getting me to want to look into this for myself. I'm really glad that the friend of a friend called me. I know that my local community college offers a nursing course because a friend of mine was looking into it. Gee, one of these days I just may be in the profession.