question on getting a job as a new grad

  1. Hi. I graduate in May 2008 from my nursing program in CA. The hospital I am appying for a job at said that I should apply for their new grad program that begins in July. The lady at the recruiting department that I spoke with said that my chances would be best if I apply in March to get into the July program. When I read the application it wants you to give them your NCLEX date before you apply. How will I have my NCLEX date in March if I don't graduate until May? I am so confused. Don't you have to mail your final transcripts to the Board of Nursing before you can get an NCLEX date? How do other new grads do this? Please help!
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  3. by   Piki
    You can give an approximate date but you are correct, you have to graduate first to schedule an NCLEX appt. We filled out some sort of application prior to graduation (our school director explained it to us at a special NCLEX session) - may have been our TPP (temporary practice permit) and once you graduate your school verifies that you are indeed a candidate for the NCLEX and you can apply for your ATT (authority to test). Once you receive that, THEN you can apply for your NCLEX date. I recall it took about 2 weeks after graduation (if you send it in as soon as you graduate) to receive your ATT.
  4. by   classicdame
    Give them an approximate date. If you get beyond that point you can always give them more accurate information later. Heck, addresses and names change so dates can too. They understand you are not in control of this till after graduation. Remember, this is your first rodeo but is not the first for them.
  5. by   yashimi
    I am applying for NClex i Chose Illinois state. i am registered nurse in The philippines. does anyone know how is the process in order for me to take the NCLEx. i logged in at and i contact the board of illinois, can i aply or online or tru mail? or is is a dual process. i don't know where to start. do i need the CES and IElts. please respond if anyone knows how. thank you