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I am a green card holder, and it was an employment based one... my agency was my sponsor. I came over on a 21-month contract, and at my green card interview I was asked whether I intended to take up... Read More

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    Rock Nurse,

    First of all, I read all your previous posts and all you mentioned were that you want to get out of your contract. You haven't mentioned about the real situation your facing now. That you were conned by an agency who promised to settle you in the East Cost and later informed you that they don't have any business there. You never mentioned thay you were newly wed and separated from your love thousand of miles away and desperately wanted to be with her. You never mentioned of the unsafe working conditions in your hospital. You only mentioed that you were only after the green card.

    If you mentioned all of these in your posts then I would not be letting my "superior and sanctimoniuos tone" on you. I always believe in fair play and hate it when people take advantages of each other. Like other nurses getting out of their contract just because they want the green card is unfair.

    Well, I apoligize for what I said to you. REALLY AM. As of you saying that you don't want your agency to receive any penny, I think that would be a problem because you signed a contract with them. They have the right to legally pursue you on breach of contract. You must just accept the fact that they make some money out of you.

    Why don't you look for an immigration lawyer to help you with the case. As for buying your contract, why don't you look for a hospital where your wife is staying and ask them to buy your contract and tell them that you will sign a contract with them io return. I surely believe that if you explain that you were conned by the agency and with your clinical experience you won't have any problems looking for a decent employer there.

    Again, I apoligize. I am sorry to hear what your facing now. I wish you luck and whatever you will take against your "crooked agency" will be favorable to you.


    Read all the posts of Rock Nurse before my post and you will know where I got the facts. Thank you.