Question for Flight RN's & EMT-P's

  1. Maybe this time I will post it in the right spot. I have already posted this in the flight nursing thread and accidently posted it in the Polls thread. Maybe third time is a charm! Any way here is the original post.

    I have been flying twice in a ride a long program. The first day I was fine and didn't get sick. The second day I did fine on the way to the scene but coming back to the hospital from a 20 minute flight at about 5 minutes before landing I suddenly got sick and threw up. The flight crew said it is normal and even happens to them occasionally. The ride back was pretty bumpy and it was a very hot day heat index over 100. Is there anything I can do to try to prevent this? I did take some dramamine but it didn't work. Any suggestions? I am already hooked on doing this. It has been so much fun and rewarding, I would hate to not be able to do it . I will get to go up again when it is cooler the flight manager suggested it would probably be better for me then. Let me know your ideas.

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  3. by   nimbex
    I am so jealous of you! always wanted to flight nsg. BUT...

    The only way I get into a plain is with Xanax, a drink at the airport bar prior to boarding... a drink on the plane and a drink when I land...

    Usually end up forgetting I have luggage

    Is it possible this was due to the heat and not at all the flying?

    wish you well, through my green eyes
  4. by   tsgarman
    That's what I am hoping it is related to. I guess I will find out when it gets cooler.
  5. by   calliemimosa
    Hello Flight Nurses! I envy you!
    My son has started his EMT class a couple of weeks ago. He is planning to become a paramedic but thought being an EMT would allow him to make some $$ and get experience while finishing college.
    Please send some good links for EMT's and Paramedics. My e-mail is
    I will forward them to him! Thanks in advance