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  1. To be effective in the facility I work in I need to be updated on new equipment, policies and procedures.
    New and current medical technology being utilized and what will be utilized in the future in the facility I work in.
    Keeping my skills current, I dont often have a patient with an IABP for example. Using the rapid fluid infuser, setting up the Zoll for cardioversion and setting up an ICP for pressure monitoring on a fresh crani. I can do it but not as quickly as I would if I was exposed to it more often.
    I dont pay for any of these right now, I just try to keep my skills up as best as I can by offering to assist co-workers when possible and just chatting after some not often used procedure, med or treatment is used.
    I would pay for better communication and morale among staff but I dont think that is feasable
    I hope this is close to what you were looking for.
    ACLS and CPR are certifications required for employment in critical care nursing and are already offered as part of the job where I work.
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  3. by   chris32
    Greetings to fellow nurses! I am conducting my own "survey" of sorts and interested in a nurse what do you feel are your 3 most important/crucial educational needs in your career right now? Would you be willing to pay to have those "needs" met?

    Thanks in advance for your help!