Question about zegerid...

  1. Has anyone gotten the chance to try the new zegerid? Is it all it's cracked up to be as far as it's comparison to prevacid??? Just curious....!
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  3. by   kicnic
    i have tried it. zegerid is the same as prilosec... just buffered a different way. it's buffered with 1100mg of sodium bicarbonate. i like it so far... i feel like it works better than prilosec or prevacid. one other thing... the pills are pretty large
  4. by   nrsang97
    I have no experience with Zegrid. Didn't that just go OTC though?
  5. by   jaelpn
    Yes- it just went otc I believe. My doctor had given me a lot of samples of prevacid, but after they were out- and I realized how expensive they were (before they went OTC with 15 mg) I started taking zantac 150's which work great and fast, but don't last very long. I tried prilosec and it seemed to aggrivate my symptoms even more. Prevacid worked great though, so I thought that maybe the new hype of "better and faster than prevacid" could be a good thing.... I was just checking into it I just made an appt with a new doctor, I will just have to let him know what's going on and maybe he'll prescribe or see what the whole problem is... at 26 I shouldn't feel like I have acid just hanging in my throat...ugh. This has been going on for a year or two...
    KICNIC- do you know how much the zegerid costs off hand????
  6. by   kicnic
    same price as prevacid. so the 42 count box is around $24.99. at least at walmart... u should try it.
  7. by   klwtiger
    It is just prilosec with baking soda so if prilosec didn't do you justice look elsewhere. I have been fighting GERD for several years and finally got to the root of the problem which is a hiatal hernia. I have luck only with protonix which is prescription only and insurance only usually covers after you have tried everything else but it works very well for me. Also paying attention to what triggers episodes I find very helpful although stress is the biggest factor and I still sleep sitting up for a few days ever few months. Good Luck. Ultimately getting an upper GI with a referral to a gastroenterologist would be useful to at least understand why.
  8. by   jaelpn
    I've decided to try Prilosec again... since I've seen sooo many people on it at work, I have decided to give it a second chance- so far so good. I saw zegerid at target today- but decided since I have a pack of prilosec to try that first! (since zegerid is pretty much prilosec)...