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  1. hello, again!

    [color=#483d8b]the upcoming interview isn't for a nursing position (i'm not there yet!) but for a receptionist position in a podiatrist's office.

    [color=#483d8b]i have aspirations of pursuing nursing school and am visiting some hospitals that have a nursing school affiliated with them.

    [color=#483d8b]meanwhile, i am going to this interview to see what they have to say because we are unemployed right now (dh is completing truck driver training), and i desire a career in the healthcare field) and may end up accepting it "if the price is right."

    [color=#483d8b]if/when the proverbial interviewer question pops up, "what do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years," etc.?, what suggestions do you have on answering this question? my mom cautioned me to not divulge this; otherwise, they would take that as a strong hint that my heart is in nursing and i won't be there long should i be hired...

    [color=#483d8b]if this interview doesn't pan out, then i'm more than likely going to keep on getting the information that i need to pursue a career in nursing. i'm meeting with a rep from a nursing school in cincy this thursday after my interview, and i'm also planning on attending an open house sponsored by another cincy [hospital-based] nursing school in a couple of weeks.

    [color=#483d8b]thanks for any suggestions, tips, etc. that you can provide.

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  3. by   GingerSue
    things you can learn about that will be ways to help the employer
  4. by   soingal
    Quote from GingerSue
    things you can learn about that will be ways to help the employer
    Can you elaborate on that?

    If I go with, "Well, I want to get into something [bigger and better], like actual nursing," I don't know how that will go over with the interviewer. I don't even know WHO I will be interviewing with!

    One of my children isn't feeling well, and I may have to reschedule the interview, but I have a "2-day window" to see how he's doing...

    I don't know if it's pt or ft, but my spouse said that if it's pt, it won't pay me to drive there. They say "third time's a charm!" (What I mean by this involves this being the third "bite" that I've gotten since I recently started submitting my resume online...)

  5. by   puresass
    i interviewed for a job KNOWING that i'd be leaving next fall to start nursing school, so when she asked what my long term plans were i said i was thinking about going to nursing school eventually, but i'm in school at the moment (which is true).

    basically, if you're applying for a receptionist position, they're not expecting to keep you for the LOOOONG long term, most places would be happy with a year & overjoyed with two years. if you happen to get into a program before that long, then you gotta do what you gotta do & they'll get over it.
  6. by   soingal
    well, you won't believe this (then again, maybe you will! lol), but i was "officially" stood up today for my interview!

    that's right, i got there plenty early (due to inclement weather: rain!), and i was informed by the woman behind the reception area that the person [in question] who had contacted me via the telephone and who was supposedly the person whom i'd be interviewing with had called in sick and in turn forgot to inform them (and, most importantly, me!) that she couldn't interview, yadda yadda.

    the woman whom i spoke with was, as expected, extremely apologetic, but i don't think she realized how far of a drive it was for me: around 60 miles one way.

    i didn't ask her what the salary was, but i did inquire about whether or not the job (i didn't know there were multiple ones available) was part time and/or full time. she said that, although "i'm not privvy to a lot of this information," she divulged that the doctors are in the process of opening 2 other offices and are trying to incorporate more doctors in the group (as i whole, i guess). these positions are to manifest themselves next month and will [most likely] start out part time and then advance to full time once the job [description] is in full swing. whatever. lol

    my spouse (and different people that i have spoken to about today's shenanigans) wasn't pleased about this, and i've had some people tell me that i should've demanded monetary compensation for driving over there for nothing. i imagine that, once the woman gets well and back in the office, that she'll be calling me to apologize, etc., but i don't know that, just because she has/had "egg on her face" that it would increase my chances of becoming hired. i'm basically out of at least $10 in gas and my time. i've not been in the workforce for 9 years, and my spouse is the main breadwinner, so it's no reall big "loss" if i don't get it. i'll relay what happens next: the plot thickens...:uhoh21:

    footnote: i've been "waffling" about what i want to do as far as my career is concerned. a voice mail was left from a [private and expensive] college in the metro area whom i had been recently dealing with. i hadn't divulged to the admissions rep that i found out [online research] that they're not accredited. they're twice as much as the [local] community college, too. when confronted with the accreditation issue, the guy took offense and said in a heated voice, "that's not true!! whomever's telling you that is telling you an [outright] lie!!!" sheesh! then, in the same conversation, he claimed that "we're accredited..but we [nor any other college, for that matter] can guarantee that your credits will transfer [anywhere].":angryfire

    i guess i'm real 'big' on learning institutions being fully accredited and really would like to get some sort of a degree than just a diploma or certificate. the college in question is (as stated earlier) quite expensive for the programs that it offers. the only 'highlight' that i can see at this point is that a student can start their coursework each month, as they don't have to wait until august or january, etc. that's the nice thing about it. i can only receive [limited] pell grant assistance and would, of course, incur student loans. i can't see paying $18,000 for a medical assisting program with [no] accreditation (if it is true) when the median salary for a medical assistant is in the $10 range in the local area where i live. i couldn't travel to the city for that wage, however, since i'd be losing money at the gas pumps and paying the daycare provider even "half" of what she normally charges parents.

    i'm trying to get my hands on something known as an "interest inventory." i see that they are available online and may take one, but i know for a fact right now that i'm not going to enjoy (nor am i cut out for) factory work, electronics, etc. my interest lies in healthcare, but it would seem that there are just too many choices for me to [easily and painlessly] narrow it down.

    i'll post back when i find out anything "new and interesting." lol


    [color=#483d8b]p.s. although i'm sure there are posts on these forums from people who've been in m shoes regarding their issue with indecisiveness, can anyone give me any pointers on how to best narrow down these "endless lists of choices" and come up with something concrete and just
    [color=#483d8b][s]go for it?![/s]:behindpc:

  7. by   soingal
    i had my interview 2 days ago after i was accidentally "stood up" by the woman who i had originally spoken to over the phone.

    to sum things up, she said that "you have [all of the qualities] that we're looking for..."


    what's not so great, of course, is the hour and a half drive (on a good day) that it would take just one way to get there, but i've worked in cinti before...

    anyway, she did ask me what my salary expectations were, and i gave her what i call a "range bracket," not an hourly "bracket." i didn't want to shoot myself in the foot. she informed me that, should i be called back for a 2nd interview, i could be interviewing with one of the doctors. there are [supposedly] 5 docs in this group, and they're in the process of adding a 6th one to the mix. they plan on opening 2 new offices in the immediate future, but those positions will be part time and then work into full time.

    now, i usually send thank-you letters after interviews, but i haven't done so yet. here's why. my spouse is very concerned about me driving that distance. he will be obtaining a truck driving job very soon and won't be home during the week (most likely scenario). we have three children; the older two are in elementary school. the youngest one would, of course, be at the daycare provider's house if/when i'm out in the workforce. since the older two are in the school system and there are only like [2] daycare providers in my small town, i am limited as to where my kids have to go either before or after school in terms of daycare is concerned. even though my in-laws are retired, they're not going to provide childcare on a regular basis. they also live 30 minutes away.

    so, with all of this being said and me trying to re-evaluate what i want out of life, i have come to the conclusion that, if i do secure employment, no matter where it's at, i still have to put my kids at the top of the priority list. i cannot pursue jobs that require one to work past a certain hour in the evening because i don't know of anyone locally who provides evening daycare. should i ever take the plunge and try to pursue a career in nursing, i would definitely have my clinicals to think about. i would like to know if all clinical sessions start in the early morning hours (such as 5:30 a.m, 6:30, etc.)?

    i feel like i should send a thank-you letter, but it sure would've been nice to know what the actual salary is so that i can save myself and these people some trouble now instead of [possibly] dragging things out, only to discover that it's not do-able. the woman told me that they anticipate making a final decision within two weeks' time.

    any suggestions or thoughts on my "dilemma?"

    p.s. i tried looking into some available local opportunities because my spouse helped me "make a decision" because i have a big issue with indecisiveness. it seemed like a better idea would be for me to obtain a job and save some $$ for a while and then put that towards a college education. however, even trying to find a job "right now" is such a task in itself...nobody wants to pay much.

    thanks for listening,