Question about transfer of schooling???

  1. I live in the US (California) but my wife is still doing her studies to become a RN in the Philippines. She studies at St. Paul College Foundation, Inc. in Cebu City, Cebu. She will have completed her 3rd year of nursing by the end of May 2007 and has summer class till the end of April 2007. We have both agreed to live in the US, and would like to be together ASAP. The only problem is she is only 1 year away from completing her studies there in the Philippines and does not want to start all over and do 4 more years of schooling to become a RN. Our question is would she have to start her schooling all over if she comes to the US or does her 3 years of schooling from the Philippines count here in the US? Any help on this matter would be very helpful.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    My intuition tells me that she should complete her studies in the Philippines.