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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have a question about SAT scores and colleges. I finally made my mind up that I want to just go straight into Pre-Med instead of taking BSN and going that way. One of the Doctors who goes to the nursing home where I work was once an RN and then made the transition to finish his Pre-Reqs and everything for Med. School. He told me that that it was a ton of extra work and he regrets going for his BSN and not just going straight to Med. school post ADN.

    My question about the SAT tests is that I scored a 1100 on the old test, and I am retaking them in March to try and bring them up because the school in which I intend to goto wants a 1700 or better on the new tests and a 1300 or better on the old test. My brother attended this school and majored in Pre-Law, he was on the deans list, and eventually went to Law School.

    Do you think that this college will like to hear about my brother attending their university in the past and succeeding? And will that help my chances on getting into this university along with a high (1800 or better) SAT score.
    I'm really passionate about this, and I am plan on explaining my passion of becoming a Medical Doctor in my essay.

    With all of this aside, and with some of you guys/gals having experience with colleges, what do they primarily look at?

    Thanks a bunch,
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  3. by   Cardiac-RN
    If you already have a degree (your ADN) you should not need to take the SATs again to get into a university.

    As far as your brother goes, they probably will not care one way or another that your brother went to their school/ did well unless they are one of the universities that give special preference to family of alumni.

    good luck : )
  4. by   xptp29a
    Congratulations on your decision to go pre-med!

    It's a tough couple of years but I have seen many of the people I entered into school with successfully go on to medical school. They were a determined bunch who never lost focus of their goal.

    As far as admissions, the higher your SAT/ACT score, the better. If you're fresh out of high school the admissions committee also looks at your GPA, the rigorousness of your classes, extracurricular actities to name a few. These criteria were true in my case, but may not be for you so be sure to check that out.

    The university that I go to does take into account parents or siblings that have gone to the school. It is a private college that prides itself on graduating multiple generations in families. Although in my case there was a separate question on the application that asked if a relative ever graduated from there.

    Another important thing about your SAT score is that it is typically a deciding factor in how much or what type of scholarship you will get from the school. I still kick myself for not taking the ACT over and increasing my score. I still firmly believe if I got over a 30 I would have had half of my education paid for by school-provided scholarships and awards.

    Here is a good resource I used once-upon-a-time when I was a pre-med student: Student Doctor Network Forums
    It's basically a forum like with a lot of useful information.

    Good luck with everything! I have been told by countless medical school students and newbie doctors that all the med school applicants are going to have good grades but what really sets you apart is a great MCAT score and a good story to tell at your interviews.
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  5. by   Slayer
    Thanks to both of you for the information. I will definetly check out those forums for some help/information.

    Thanks again,