Question about RN Test!

  1. I'm looking to purchase a NCLEX-RN (I think that's what it is called) study book but don't know which one to choose there are soooo many. Do you have any suggestions? Have you used one that you did/did not like and why???

    Thanks in advance for your assistance. It's greatly appreciated!!!!!
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  3. by   kwagner_51
    I use Mosby's Comprehensive review of the NCLEX 17th Edition. It includes a CD to practice taking the test on the computer.

    I am in my second semester of nursing and use the book to study for my tests. It REALLY helps!

    Good Luck!
  4. by   BabyRN2Be
    For what it's worth, in my opinion stay away from anything from ARCO. I've used these study guides in the past when I was studying for the GRE (which I never took). I got so frustrated when studying with them because several of their answers pertaining to math were wrong! As I said in another thread, it's so aggravating when you a) aren't that great in math b) studying on your own and c) the answers in the study guide are WRONG and they don't explain their answers!! :angryfire Talk about a headache.

    I've found that anything written by Kaplan seems to be very good. I've also heard some great things about Princeton, too, but I've never personally used them.

    Do a search on Amazon (my favorite - they tend to be a few $$ cheaper) and see how many books come up - probably a lot. And then spend some time reading the ratings that readers have given the books. That's really helped me out when I've chosen books.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Deb123j
    Thanks for the suggestions. Also do you all know of any book to help with the nursing entrance exam? I have to take one and would like to prepare.
  6. by   suehp
    Any by Kaplan, Mosby and Incredibly easy series are good as they all have CDRoms's with them....