1. I'm a highschool senior taking Pre-Calc for my math class. I am doing horribly in that class, semester failure is possible but I've gotten A's in Trig. A's and B's in Geometry and Algebra. For some reason I just don't understand it. Is it necessary to take 4 years of math in order to be a nurse? I'm also taking Bio Honors this year and I've already taken Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. I'm just worried that the GPA will drop down so far and I think that would look worse than dropping Pre-Calc. i haven't sent out any college applications yet so that can be easily changed. Please, any information is helpful.

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  3. by   jurbyjunk
    GO SPEAK TO YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR. If it were me, I would dump the pre-calc ASAP. Flunk it and it WILL pull down your GPA, and that's going to look the pits on your college applications. There are always alternatives, your guidance counselor should be able to help you out here.

    What you have to look at is the university/college entrance requirements to both general admissions and nursing programs. Pop into your school library "career" section, look at different schools catalogs and decide on 3-4 that you'd be interested in attending. Then look at the requirements and plan your courses to match them.

    As to whether or not it is necessary for 4 years of math "in order to be a nurse", I doubt it. A good grounding in basic math, ie algebra, fractions, etc is more usable than Trig. Someone out there might say differently, but I use a lot of basic algebra in my job.

    Do I sound like a mom? Been there, seen it, done it with 2 great kids of my own. Good luck.
  4. by   babyboomer6
    Dear Future,

    I would strongly consider droppingif you are sure you want to be a nurse. Sounds as if you have an adequate grasp of sufficient math to me. Of course consult with a counselor and or your desired nursing school for specifics.
  5. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Agree with the above advice. I went back to school for nursing (RN) 30 years after graduating high school. I had 2 years of Algebra and took Whole Geometry back then. Had A's and B's. When I went to nursing school, I did not have to take any math at all and did just fine. Sounds like you have lots of math and the Algebra is what you really use. Don't let this course pull down the GPA...that might cost you scholarships.