1. good morning! okay, this is kinda off topic but it is something that happened to me last night and i was just wondering if anyone could provide some input or something. last night, as i was fixing my dinner, i started getting this weird feeling. it came out of nowhere. i started to feel really heavy and like i was being pulled towards the ground. when i would go to sit on the couch, i felt like i was being pulled back toward the couch. i kinda started freaking out. i was mostly freaking out because i was home alone and i didn't know what was going on because i had never felt like this before. i sat down for a minute and took some breaths and continued to eat my dinner but minutes later i started feeling shaky and sort of got this tingling sensation in my fingers. my neighbor, who is a good friend, is a nurse so i ran over to her house. she was gone, but her husband and kids were home so i stayed over there for a bit until she got home. she told me that my blood sugar level probably dropped and my body was reacting to that. she also said it may have been an anxiety attack. as i was waiting over at their house for her to get back home, i sort of felt like i was going numb all over. i was trying to scratch and pinch myself to see if i could still feel it, and i could but it was dull. when she got home, she told me i should go eat some carbs/protein so i had some peanut butter, oj, and some turkey. a little while later (probably like 30 minutes) i felt a little better. i have no idea what was going on but all i know is that i have never felt like that before. anyone know what might have been going on? any sort of input would be greatly appreciated..i'm just so confused. thank you!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Sorry but the Terms of Service dictate that we do not give medical advice.

    Take care of yourself and see your MD for professional help. Good luck.