1. i am researching my college choices and i want to know the benefits of having a bsn vs. adn? what are the advantages/disadvantages to each degree? if i want to become a nicu nurse do i need my bsn and are there any special classes i need to look for in a college? any information would help!!!!! thanks so much.
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  3. by   fergus51
    There are a lot of other posts on this board about it. The BSN takes longer and may have more management classes in it, and may have more or less clinical time. It allows you greater flexibility as some places require the BSN and it makes it easier to continue your education should you want to become a nurse practitioner. The ADN is faster and may have more or les clinical time than a BSN, so it usually costs less money and produces just as good of nurses as a BSN program.
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    There are a lot of threads about this already, check them out.

    You can get your RN License regardless of which way you go. Both BSN and ADN tracks have their benefits, and their downfalls. Is a bachelor's degree important to you? Or would you prefer to start practicing as a nurse a little quicker? Having a 4-year degree was very important to me, and my family, so I went for the BSN. Had the bachelor's degree not been important, I am not sure which I would have picked.

    Which fits your goals more closely? Its a very tough decision for many people. It wasnt hard for me, because i knew exactly what I wanted, and a Bachelor's degree was my "personal" minimum that I wanted to accomplish. The degree is not as important to others, as we all have different ways of viewing what we believe is the best way we should accomplish our goals. You have to make the decision that is right for you, your views, and what will best meet your goals. It can be tough, just remember that it is YOUR decision. What do you want out of your education?

    Good luck!