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Hello Everyone: I just have a couple of questions for all of you preceptors out there. I started my nursing externship at a very busy teaching hospital and am in my third week of the externship. ... Read More

  1. by   Christine2
    Hello and congratulations on your externship. I remember when I was an extern there was a whole lot of paperwork that went along with the first week of classes before we went to the floor. The one list we received clearly outlined what we were and were not permitted to do as externs. I think we could do assessments but not sterile dressing changes, start IV's, etc. Your hospital should have such a list that you can pass on to your preceptor. As far as handling a full patient load, while staying within the scope of an extern, this will give you invaluable experience with time management, etc. The worse thing when you start as an RN is having your pager going off nonstop while you're a half hour behind on meds.....you will be miles ahead of this. Good luck.
  2. by   llg
    I agree with the people concerned about the legalities. Make sure you are doing nothing on your own that should only be done by an RN.

    Also, the goal of the externship SHOULD be to teach you things. While it is great that you are such a "self-starter" and don't need to have your hand held all the time ... where is your preceptor? What is she doing all this time? She SHOULD be teaching you things at least part of the day.

    It sounds to me as if this hospital is using you for cheap labor rather than augmenting your education. Perhaps that is not their intention, but unless they are actively working WITH you, then someone is shirking their responsibility to you. As a student, you need to be supervised by an RN and it doesn't sound as if you (and your patients) are getting the RN attention you (and they) deserve.