Quality Management-RN role and responsibilities

  1. I am curious to know what would be the daily tasks, job description for a quality management RN. I recently saw a job in my area in a clinic setting, weekdays only. Is this an independent job? Or is there a lot of collaborating with others? Is it stressful? Any info would be helpful...Thanks!!
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  3. by   scoochy
    A quality management position requires interaction/collaboration with individuals in numerous health care disciplines. All work together to solve problems affecting quality of care. Example: When I worked in PACU a # of years ago, there were a large number of patients coming out of the OR with DISTENDED bladders. These patients were not those who could get up to void, or even use a bedpan. Their bladders were so distended that catheterization was necessary. This became a quality of care issue. Our quality management nurse helped us to solve the problem. Documentation was kept re: actual number of patients who required intervention. Once we had the "stats," the data was presented to the appropriate people in the OR. Solution: the circulator RN was made responsible for assessing bladder status (fluids in the OR, blood loss, hours of surgery, and assessing the bladder). The number of people requiring bladder catheterization dropped immensely, as they would be cath'd in the privacy of the OR.
    This being said, you would be involved in data collection, seeking solutions to problems, collaboration, and whatever else the job entails. Every job has its own set of stressors; it is all relative. The only way to find about this job would be to apply for it. If you meet their qualifications, go for an interview and ASK many questions.

    I enjoyed being involved in quality improvement. It was one way to bring about a positive solution to a problem. Wish I had gone for my Master's degree (that was a qualification for this type of position in all the jobs I saw advertised in my state..just didn't have enough motivation to return to school!).
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    Thank you, Suzie, RN! That was very informative! Sounds like a job where one could really make a difference. I think I will apply and see what happens...
  5. by   scoochy
    Give it your best shot!!!