pursuing a nursing carreer

  1. okay so ive been searching for such schools and it kinda freaks me out.. Southwestern takes 2 years waitlist for ADN! so looooong! can you recommend schools private or not that offers no or minimum waitlist but is ACCREDITED?

    AND also

    before i got here in U.S i already started a nursing course in my home country(PHILS)in a high respective school for a year.. there i took
    Inorganic and organic chem lec- 3 units
    Inorganic and organic chem lab- 2 units
    Anatomy and physiology lab-5 units
    anatomy and physiology lec-2 units
    Eng 1 Communication arts -3 units
    Eng 2 Communication arts 2-3 UNITS
    sociology-3 units
    College Algebra-3 units
    Microbiology and Parasitology -3 units
    microbiology and parasitologylab- 3 units
    Psychology- 3 units

    Theyre not evaluated yet assuming they are since i came from internationally accredited school..my average scores are mostly C's or 2.5 gpa. i just curious what type of nursing course i may consider having done those subjects..just thinking..

    plus: haha.. i heard about this maric college thing the pros and the cons.i cant decide regarding that issue..

    i will appreciate your concerns..CAN U GUYS GIVE ME THE BEST WAY OUT? thanks
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  3. by   Candycornrocks
    The courses you have taken will give you credit toward either an Associates Degree or a Bachelors Degree. You may need to take more classes to get your grades up- admission to nursing schools are very competitive. Good Luck!
  4. by   sentiboi
    yeah i know.. i was just wondering if i still need to take general ed classes? and regarding waitlists, are they worth waiting?