Public and Community Health Nurses - page 2

Pubilic Health Nurses and Community Health Nurses: the" dimension process of care", how do you use it in your practice? I'm studying Community health nursing and am curious how this is applied,... Read More

  1. by   SandyB
    Thanks you all sooo much, flowerchild, WashYaHands and Hoolahan- Now I have a way to put all the big theory words(yep, very bewildering terminology is right, Hoolahan!) in the book into context. I was so struggling to figure out how it was applied. Now, I can see how it is done in real life!
    And it's good to know that struggling through this course will actually be worth it by making me a better nurse.

    thanks again!
  2. by   flowerchild
    <So yes, I do use the processes, but I never think of it as "Gee, I think I'll implement my Dimensions moddel and focus on the cognitive domain." I just do it. I do think in a nursing process way all the time, just b/c it is a very logical approach to solve many problems, not just for nursing issues. It becomes second nature.>

    Exactly the same for me.