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I was sent out to get a PT with INR on a patient whose previous level was way off (blood was like syrup coming out). So the doctor put her on 9 mg coumadin for 3 days then 5 mg daily after that. ... Read More

  1. by   Nascar nurse
    I work in long term care. We were recently shown the "new" PT/INR machines. As another poster described it looks like a very large glucomter and a lancet is used for a finger stick. We have not implemented this into practice in our facility yet and I feel that is a good thing. The whole procedure sounded quite time consuming (not 30 seconds or so like a glucometer), had multiple, multiple steps, the machine had to be set down just so, etc, etc, etc. In our enviornment at least, this sounds like a situation just begging for errors. We could easily have 10 residents needing PT/INR any given am and I just know some nurse will try to hurry it along (because they don't have much time/choice) and some big screw up will occur. Maybe could be a great thing for a home health situation - but LTC = YUCK!
  2. by   fetch33
    I work on a large Ortho unit. Most of our total joint patients get PT/INRs daily. I have never heard that you have to waste 3 ml of blood when using a butterfly, which we use exclusively. We use both the regular 4.5ml blue tops and the peds version if the patient is a hard stick.
  3. by   TrudyRN
    That office person shouldn't have gotten her knickers in a twist. Shame on her.

    I would have to question some lab experts to know the right answer. The accucheck idea sounds like a godsend if it gives accurate results.