Pt right to refuse

  1. We recently had an inservice (LTC) on pt right to refuse . Listen to this scenerio and tell me what you think . A pt under 45 TBI , refuses to be turned , changed or cleaned up (incontinent) is developing decubitis ulcers by this point Im sure .The room itself smells to high heaven . Now we are told that this is the procedure : document of course , psych eval , possible conservator, and then they will try to force pt to leave facility to avoid liability.This all being said in context of the case you may have heard of , of the HIV pos pt who refused all treatment developed stage fours, was well documented and finally sent to hosp and expired . The facility is being charged with manslaughter ! Sorry could not find a link to this story . But my question is .....working at a LTC facility is now being subject to a witch hunt ! There are advertisements everywhere about nursing home neglect and abuse and I do realize it happens , but does the choice of actually working at one place my licence in jepordy , even though we document everything thouroughly and try to do the best we can , its doesn't seem to be enough . Just curious to hear the peanut gallery opinion ???????
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  3. by   All_Smiles_RN
    I hear you about the nursing home neglect advertisements by lawyers. Just ridiculous. Frivolous lawsuits seem to be part of American culture. Something has got to change. Sorry, got a little off topic, but I am very passionate about changing the litigious track America is on.
  4. by   Lawnurse
    Plaintiff's lawyers are the ones who solicite customers and bring law suits. For every rediculous frivolous suit, there are a bunch of DEFENSE lawyers that the company being sued must pay to defend the rediculous suit.

    Its one thing to hate the lawyers who bring the suits, but don't hate all lawyers. Defense lawyers are the ones who defend nurses.