Psych Pts Are Found Throughout the Hospital: 5 Quick Tips - page 5

Do psych patients scare you? You scare them more. That's been my experience both in and out of inpatient psychiatry. Reality is patients with psychiatric disorders appear on any unit. Nursing... Read More

  1. by   SheriffLauren
    usually a psych facility will provide the defence training they want you to use during orientation. Its like non-aggressive passive defence stuff. I don't think people really use them in real life honestly.
  2. by   MSNce1
    I agree with you totally and have been severely depressed and suicidal in the past. Many facilities focus on getting the client to help themselves providing the mental tools needed but do not always have a kind and compassionate bedside manor. It is especially important in psych to remember you are dealing with a human being and not just their pathology. Providing them a purpose outside themselves is crucial to healing.