1. I'm in a very small community hospital...but I was wondering if larger hospitals get more proactive it trying to address the whole person needs of the psych/ETOH/Drug involved patients they see. Such as "Yes Mr. Doe you are here in the ER because you broke your leg falling down the steps while intoxicated, you were here 2 months ago following a bar brawl, and 6 months before that a car accident that was alcohol related....we are going to have one of our addictions counselors, or social workers come to see you. Just wondering?
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  3. by   LouisVRN
    Yes to a degree, we will have our frequent ETOH flyers seen by SS, CM, and usually a psych consult for good measure, but in the end it only helps if they are open to it.
  4. by   nebrgirl
    I agree that ultimately they have to be open to help...yet I also believe that it helps to have people trained to be "interventional"...not that they will save them all any more than the best dietian can get ever diabetic to be compliant, but training must help, right?
  5. by   classicdame
    they may refuse 99 times then on the 100th time decide it is a good idea.
  6. by   PAROPPY
    We have standard ETOH protocol (librium usually), CM sees the pt., and then we have the Family Program that comes in to eval the pt. and offer outpatient rehab services if the patient so chooses (I believe they also offer family counseling). Psych consults are usually done too.