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  1. Hi all,
    It has been a while since I have been here. This past year being a nurse has turned my life upside down. Working the night shift has taken it's toll on me and my family. Not to mention, my brother (45 years old) was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer the week before Christmas. He has since had a Radical Prostatectomy and that brings me to this posting. I am looking for some advise on how to explain to my faamily that just because I am a nurse does not mean that I can be the Ann Landers of the family. I have gone to the Dr's appointments, done the research, provided the information (it seems that Dr. and I have access to the same information). But I CAN NOT make the decisions. It seems my family expects me to do that too. The latest is my inability to fix his leaking bladder. How should I respond to things like: " that Dr. nust have done someting wrong. He just keeps leaking urine like Niagara Falls"; or "We are spending so much money on those pads, but they just don't seem to help." I do not know what else to say. Does anyone have any suggestions other than diapers and pads to help with the leaking problem?
    I and the Dr. have told my family that Tim needs to work at re-establishing bladder control (the foley has only been out for 2 weeks), and that his progress is totally dependent on how much he puts into the keegle exercises, and the awareness he needs to develope. Oh, and please save your time... He will not even entertain the idea of pelvic floor stimulation as : "I am not putting any probe (you know where) to have myself electrocuted."

    This my seem long and I am sorry, but is there any advise to be had?
    Thanks... sign me. Trying to take off the nurses hat and failing.
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    i think you need to be firm and consistent, telling them to continue to address their concerns to the md or his/her nurse.
    then inform them you are not knowledgeable on this specific area an remove yourself from it.
    sound like you mean it.

    good luck....