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Just recently our hospital came up with a plan for recruitment and retention (allegedly). I want to hear your opinion on it, before I voice mine. Since none of you (to my knowledge) work in my... Read More

  1. by   pickledpepperRN
    All About Money?
    Not for me. I quit a job with much more money, 8 instead of 2 paid holidays,$100 a month for CCRN etc. Went to a hospital with respect for all from housekeeper to CEO. MDs always polite (really!) Not perfect staffing, but a true attempt to staff by what the RN assessing the patient recommends. Management RNs have worked all night doing direct care.
    Yearly pay decreased by $8,000 a year and I'm much happier. Less illness too. No amount of money can make me so afraid I will miss something important that I dream of it and worry even on days off! I am a nurse who put a young man in a body bag after elective surgery because of unsafe staffing and replacement of RNs with aides.
    Someone on this site wrote, "It's the job stupid!" in reference to the shortage.