Proficient in math to be a nurse?

  1. Hi RNs!

    I have a question for you that has been bugging me since I've been taking my elementary algebra class. In order to be a nurse do you need to be very good in the math area? General math I am fine with but any math that involves algebra I am just not that great with since I don't use it on a daily basis. As a result of that I am having to take elementary algebra in order to be up to standards of where my CC wants nursing students to be at. I realize that most likely if I had to do algebra on a daily basis I would probably be more comfortable with it and better at it. What type of math do you as nurses deal with on a day to day basis? Any input on what I can expect as I make this journey into nursing school regarding math would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and your input. :spin:
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  3. by   santhony44
    Don't let the math scare you. I've always been horrible at it but it's not hard to learn what you really need to know how to do, such as drug dosage calculations.

    For me, it's much easier to learn how to do math when the number is meaningful to me, such has how many mls of a med to give.

    Personally, doing a math problem to come up with an answer like "xyz squared" seems like a waste of time (my husband has a degree in math and of course doesn't see it that way but I do).

    I've also said that statistics was the only math course I've ever had that really made sense, since you work the formula and come up with a meaningful answer!

    If you're in elementary algebra and doing fine then there should be no problem.