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Although this may only be a local phenomena I am posting this to see what nurses in other countries think about the situation. Traditionally in Australia pressure area assessement and management... Read More

  1. by   Lys
    Hey ladies and gents,

    I'm still in school, just done my first clinical rotation, but I thought I'd pitch my 2 cents in (that's canadian currency, so approx .5 cents US).

    But at the last hospital that I worked at, we had a special "Wound and Skin Care Team" whom would take responsibility for ordering special surface bedding (airbeds etc) for patients if needed. But, the nurses on that ward were responsible for completing a Braden Risk Assessment Scale (I assume it's something like the pressure area assessment that you're referring to) every tuesday, and could call in the skin care team at any time if the score was above a certain value, but it was the nurses who were responsible for initiating it and turning etc.

    This seemed to work well-ish...I can't believe that some places you have to have an OT come in to do this!! craziness...