Preparing to be an RN?

  1. What are things I can do right now while I'm a sophomore in high school besides take school classes that will be useful for me when I become an RN? And is there any jobs or things I can do right now to get me more prepared?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Get volunteer experience at a local hospital. It will offer you insight into the healthcare professions, as well as look good on your applications for school later on.

    Good luck with your schooling............. :Melody:
  4. by   dbsn00
    You could start to study anatomy & physiology (A&P), maybe nursing fundamentals (nice jump start!). I don't know if you're of legal age to work yet or if your schedule will allow it but maybe you could do some volunteer work in a hospital or nursing home just to be able to see what a typical day is like for a nurse. Also speak with your guidance counselor at school, he/she may have some ideas to point you in the right direction. Good luck!!
  5. by   Alicia18
    You might want to look into a CNA program for your junior or senior year as well. It could possibly be taken for credit, and you can have a job as you school. It's tough working twelve hour shifts while doing highschool, even if you only work Fridays and weekends, but it could be well worth it for you in the long run. You get experiences that let you know if nursing is what you really want to do (and to prepare you for clinicals) AND you get money together for college. It's a great deal.
    As a matter of fact, I'm doing it myself (this is my senior year). It's been crazy, :spin: but I have no regrets. I would definitely suggest you do this if you feel you need to have an "in" on nursing and if you think you can keep up your grades as well.
    Good luck!