Preference to work day or night shifts as Rn

  1. Hi, I am new at my job in the ICU. Never did i imagine i would prefer night over day shifts, but sure enough that is what happened. It seems less stressfull. I am wondering if anyone else agrees with me. I would like to hear some shifts that people prefer over others and why. Thanks.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I would never go back to nights now because I have a family, including a toddler, but for my first 12-13 years I did anything BUT days, at my request. Less stress, more teamwork, NO ADMINISTRATORS!
  4. by   rnpgh
    Thanks for you reply: I find it so much less stressful working at nights for the reasons you mentioned. Being a new nurse I am concerned that I will end up losing out by not interacting with the day shifts, but then I think thats rediculous because all i'm really losing out on is family interactons, which I can do without right now. I am thinking i will try to stick with nights until I have become more efficient at the way this department works. Then maybe shift to days... Too soon to tell at this point. And who knows I may not have a choice. I have two more weeks of having a preceptor and then I will be on my own. The unit director already knows I prefer nights. So hopefully she respects that and there is room enough for me. Was It a hard transition from nights to days initially?
  5. by   TazziRN
    Not hard but it was an adjustment. A lot more people were around, noisier.
  6. by   Still Riding
    I love the roating shifts, but if i had to pick one and stick to one I think it would be nights. that is just how my body clock likes to operate. I love the night and get all this energy in the night.

    And I hate mornings, i find them painful. I actually mean physically painful. I find it hurts to wake up.

    just my thoughts.
  7. by   PAICURN
    I have worked nights for 15 years. Much preferred over days. Less management, quieter and you learn how to think more on your own and depend on your coworkers more for input.