pre-admission testing

  1. I was wondering if anybody has heard of The Hills Occupation Basic test of something similar to it. I am required to take it before entrance into nursing classes. If anybody has taken it or heard of it, where can I find a study guide.Thank you for any replies.
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    What nursing school are you trying to get into?? Just curious, cause I am originally from MS, and started nursing school at Hinds CC...
  4. by   tabbeycatt
    We have to take a Nursing Entrance Test (NET test) to get into my school's program. Is this what you mean? My school offered a book you can buy to study for the entrance test. It is by ARCO and called "Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Examinations. I am yet to take the test but have been trying to study this book.

    Looks like we'll be tested on Verbal ability (word knowledge, reading comprehension), mathematics (computation, word problems, proportions, decimals, percentages, basic algebra and geometry) and science (gen. biology, chemistry, physics and gen. science).

    The book has sample tests to practice with. I have a couple of friends who just took the test and said the book and sample tests were a lot of help.
  5. by   memphispanda
    Could it be the HOBET? Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test? If so, I have taken it.
  6. by   Disablednurse
    Here in MS we had to take a basic math, reading, english type test for pre admission. For some unknown reason, I aced both of them. I guess God gave me all the answers, because Math and english are not things that I am very good in. It was not really hard if you are good in math or english or spelling.
  7. by   angel1971
    I am trying to get into Methodist Hospital School of Nursing, when I spoke with the lady yesterday she said the Hills occupation basic education test but it could be like the HOBET, it does have the same first letters. She also said it would focus on math and reading skills and to study from an ACT test. I take it in one week and only the best scores get in. I am wanting to do really good and I really want to become a nurse. I am in my second semester of school right now and have done really well in my A&P class and all other classes. I just don't know what scores are good for that kind of test. Thanks everyone!
  8. by   memphispanda
    I sent you a PM!