Poverty on the Rez (Brief video)

  1. What does the poverty on the Rez look like? I really can't put that to words to service it any justice. But here is a brief promo video on a myspace page that I found, narrated by Russell Means, which briefly shows the poverty on Pine Ridge (Lakota/Sioux).

    The pics say enough. It also puts in some perspective how drugs, violence, gangs, and illness have easily become part of this way of living....Rez living in poverty.


    The Indian, in so many ways, are still our forgotten people.

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  3. by   underpaidrn
    That video broke my heart. The Lakota's are such a wonderful and proud people. It just tears me apart to see them living in such a manner. I do send money to the Lakota school. It's not much, but I help as I can. If I lived near there, I would probably be working with them in healthcare. Thank you for the heart moving video. May you be blessed in all you do.:blushkiss