Posted in Gastroenterology, thought I would ask here.

  1. Just got to the Gastrointestinal System in school and either I am misunderstanding the material or my instructor is.

    In studying GI disorders, specifically Gastritis and Ulcers, I have come to the understanding that NSAIDS compromise mucosal defense and increase acid secretion. However clients who are on NSAIDS chronically should be evaluated and another analgesic prescribed, OR if that's not possible NSAIDS should only be given with Prostaglandins, not Proton Pump Inhibitors.

    My instructor says that I am interpreting the material incorrectly and NSAID administration along with Prostaglandins is the most common course of treatment. This doesn't seem right to me especially when I study that a stress ulcer forms when Gastritis becomes erosive and starts bleeding. Why would an NSAID be introduced in an environment like this?

    Could someone please educate a student?!!? Thanks in advance.
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