Popeyes Customer Raised $14000 To Revive Employee's Nursing School Education

  1. This world is full of surprises because you never know when your problems are resolved. A guy Donald Carter, a former Kansas City Police Department had a small discussion with a Popeyes (fast food chain) employee. Shajuana Mays, an employee of this restaurant, was experiencing mental fatigue.

    The main reason for this psychological stress was her financial instability. Since she was not able to continue her nursing school education due to this problem. After listening Shujana's tragic story, Donald made a plan to support her education. This idea came up to Donald's mind while he was eating his chicken.
    Donald started using Facebook for this purpose; he knew he needed to collect a sum of $1500 to pay for Shajuana's nursing license. His social circle on Facebook is around 1300 friends, and if he gets $5 from his 300 friends, he can easily manage to obtain the needed amount.

    Therefore, he launched a GoFundMe campaign in which he persuaded his peers to donate. The response was overwhelming for Donald because people contributed handsomely to this cause. The campaign generated $14660 and made a 28-year-old Shajuana Mays speechless as she had no words to express her feelings.
    She was so grateful for this great act of kindness from the people and especially from Donald Carter as he was the main force behind this humongous effort. She termed Donald her "Guardian Angel" who loves eating chicken.
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