Please tell me the anxiety gets better!

  1. I am in my first semester and my anxiety doesn't seem to get any better I am doing great on my tests (in the 90s) and I passed all my checkoffs. But when I get into the hospital I feel so anxious. I do what I need to do but I am so nervous! I thought it would get easier the more I am in the hospital but now, at 3 weeks until the end of this semester, it seems to be even worst. I guess it's because now I feel that next semester I won't be a freshman anymore so I have no excuse.
    I was even imagining how it would be if I still was that way when I graduate, I'm even scared of graduating. Do you think it will get better? I can still be a confident nurse? I am scared to be an anxious nurse, what do you think?
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  3. by   anonymurse
    Quote from CSNS
    I am doing great on my tests (in the 90s) and I passed all my checkoffs. But when I get into the hospital I feel so anxious.
    Go to work at the hospital where you have your clinicals. Usually you can work as a sitter to begin with, then as an aide after so many clinical hours. This has done more to reduce clinical jitters for me and the students I know than anything else.
  4. by   blueberrybon
    Well, I would have to label myself as the queen of "scared stiff".

    I am an LPN student who is about to graduate (December 10th!). If I was able to get past being axious, you will too.

    I'm sure you have qualities that you aren't considering. Nervousness is without exception "overcomeable" with time. After you overcome it, you will see your shining strengths, which are what got you interested in the nursing profession in the first place.

    Am I right? Or am I right?

    Hang in there!
  5. by   NurseCherlove
    Baby girl....I promise it will get better. I have to disagree with Blueberrybon though, because I was truly the queen of scared stiff, in fact that so much so that I was absolutely positive that the first clinical instructor I had was going to fail me. So, while most of my classmates were struggling with the books and doing well in clinicals, there I was acing most of the tests and a complete nervous wreck in clinicals. Long story short, here I am RN of 2.5 years!

    Some advice for you:

    -Remember, you don't have to know everything - you are only a student. You are there to learn. Even when you become a nurse, do not be afraid to ask questions. 'Know it alls' really worry me!

    -Gravitate towards helpful, mentor types. You will run into some nasty people in this profession who not only do not want to help you, but who actually enjoy making students/new nurses feel invisible or even stupid. Those people have something very wrong with their wiring - avoid them!

    Hang in there and take it from someone who knows - it really does get better!
  6. by   maryloufu
    New RN here- and my experience is this- about the time you get comfortable with being a student- it will be time to graduate and you will be pushed into a new environment in your new job and you will be all nervous again. But eventually it will get better. Just get out there and do things that are in your scope, ask questions and be a sponge! If you feel great fear and trepidation about something- look it up and ask someone for help. Remember why you want to be a nurse and lots of deep breaths (but no hyperventilating.
    Good luck!
  7. by   CSNS
    Thank you so much guys for your input. Unfortunately Kurosawa I cannot work because I am an international student so I am not allowed to work. I wish I could so I would get more experienced. Have you guys every thought to go on anxiety meds? I almost feel like a coward by thinkiong that way
  8. by   Antikigirl
    Hey sweety...I worked closely with my Doc to help me with anxiety issues because school, children, work and such were getting to be wayyyyyy to much for me to take on!

    I was put on a low dose of a med and it helped fact, I still chose to be on it! In addition I journal and keep track of my feelings and stay true to myself!

    Once I started doing all this I found out that many of my anxiety issues were actually being done by ME! I was really kicking my own bottom to do things perfect, and I had no real experience in what perfect was at that point! Then I realized..there is no perfect! Only do my best at all times, and communicate!

    That was like lifting an elephant off me! I do so much better now with the anxiety! And wasn't just the pill at all, it was taking stock of myself...looking in...and fixing those probelms first (I came from a moderately verbally abusive home, and well...down deep I was still hearing my mom's voice saying I was a stupid idiot and believing it and overcompensating for it..which lead to anxiety big time! She doesn't do that anymore...but the words live on to this day...a nice reminder for parents there!).

    The pills took the edge off the anxiety only, enough for me to step in and fix myself . But I worked closely (and still do) with my doc with my anxiety and stress!