Please share your experience as a new nurse

  1. Hi everybody! Just wanna know how was it when you worked as RN the first time. Were you excited, nervous, anxious, reprimanded, or whatever. No mistakes ever committed? Thanks
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  3. by   CIRQL8
    As a perioperative nurse (right out of school), orientation was a bit over 6-7 months. I was nervous, apprehensive, and timid. A barking surgeon had me standing in a single spot in the corner of the O.R. for an entire case once (too scared to get within 6 feet of the sterile field). My very first day on my own, my patient coded. Thank goodness there were a few free nurses available. I had three of them in the room helping me. My first Christmas Eve, I did an organ donation case (was ROBI, now Gift Of Hope) on a 16 year old girl. That was a terrible Christmas season for me.

    Now I speak up, defend my actions, and take charge of the room when necessary. I do what is necessary to provide a safe surgical environment for my patient and staff. Organ donation (and death) is a part of life, and I accept that. I do not like all the situations that I may face, but I put them into perspective, and realize how lucky that I really am (most times). I complain about, but still love, my job.

    There is somewhat of a right-of-passage in the nursing field. We all were new grads at one time. Sometimes that is hard to remember.
  4. by   anilasimon
    I am still a new nurse...still on orientation as a medsurg is so busy in the floor and i am "flying" to manage the time with 6 of my patients..I am learning new things each day..but still feels inadequate to take care of 6...(i have a preceptor too) is only 1 month and I hope one day I will be a good nurse too...who knows how to handle together a code and a needy patient and 4 others with blood transfusions...!!! I am so nervous to call the phycisians with critical lab value or a falling BP as I am not sure what they are going to think about me. Sometimes I feel unsure about the explanations and reply I give to my patient's questions....My preceptor is good and she tells me "its all in the will learn how to manage" I hope soon I will...