Please post your report/cheat sheet aka "brain"

  1. I've been working as an LPN for one year and have one semester to go before I'm an RN. I'm still working on finding an organizational system that will help me with time management on my shift. If you would be willing to post your personal "cheat sheet" it would be a great help to me and other newbies! The more versions and input, the better. I'd also appreciate any reference data you use frequently. Thanks for sharing!
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  3. by   HappyNurse2005
    I can't post mine here, but i can tell you what it includes.
    across the top i have From: (what nurse i am getting report from) and To: (nurse i'm giving report to) and then NA:

    THis is done in a box format. each thing I mention to you is in its own little box. takes up whole sheet of paper, paper is oriented horizontally.
    first row:
    Name, Age, Allergies, Doctors
    second row:
    admit date, admission diagnosis, admission history(as in, what happened to make them come into hosp)
    third row:
    past medical history, rhythm(we have telemetry), i&o dw accuchecks
    fourth row:
    diet, oxygen, IVF, activity
    fifth row:
    labs today, labs tomorrow
    sixth row:
    tubes/wires/etc, procedures, can't forget
    seventh row:
    Other, room number

    if this sounds good to you, i can email a copy to you. let me know!
  4. by   meownsmile
    You will have time to learn organization during your orientation. I'm sure your preceptor/preceptors will each have their own outline that makes sense to them. I have told my orientees, look at what others you are working with use, find one you like and adapt theirs to your needs. You may find after a while you will want something different. Each department/unit will have different things they concentrate on so not all "cheat sheets" will be useful for other units.
  5. by   Nickle
    Well, I'm already halfway through my preceptorship, and have gotten a few good tips from my preceptor. Also, since I'm a float pool nurse, I am constantly checking out everyone else's "system." But I'm still looking and gathering ideas, so that's why I asked for input here as well. I know that I have to develop my own system, but looking at what others use and like helps me know what my options are. The orientations at my hospital are brief - a few days in each unit - we don't have the "new nurse internship" programs that last for weeks-months like they do in larger cities. So I'm trying to figure as much out as I can before I'm burdened with the title RN!
  6. by   HappyNurse2005
    The sheet i mentioned is one i made myself, after doing what poster after me above said. I looked at how others did it, saw the requirements of my unit (all on telemetry, so have to have a rhythm box, some w/ chest tubes or pacing wires, hence the tubes/wires box) and made myown. i saw that i like a whole sheet per person as opposed to putting all 4 patients on one piece of paper.

    gotta do what works for you!
  7. by   hoppermom3
    Could you PM that to me, HappyNurse? It sounds like exactly what I need to get myself organized, too!