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I am graduating from a top 10 nursing school this May with a BSN in nursing. I am completing my capstone within the ED of a level II trauma center. I'm applying to hospitals in the Kansas City area... Read More

  1. by   RN1989
    Just because a job is advertised for does not mean that the hospital is actually planning to fill the job. This is SOP for many hospitals so they don't look bad while they try to keep costs contained with fewer nurses.

    Many places already have too many new grads to be able to safely hire another one. It may be that there simply are too many nursing schools in the area.

    I also am wondering if you have put down what salary you desire/expect. This is a no-no if you are desperate for a job or would like to get your foot in the door. Always state salary is "negotiable". Otherwise they will toss your app. if it is higher than their starting, higher than another applicant's, etc. Conversely, if you put a salary too low they may hire you in at a lower rate than normal because you are willing to work so low, or they may think you are desperate for any job and decide it is too risky to take a chance on you.
  2. by   whipping girl in 07
    You can work in Missouri as a GN, and there seem to be plenty of jobs in Springfield. The pay is not as high as KC but I think the cost of living is lower.
  3. by   widi96
    A lot of places have already held there interviews for New Grads in May. I work at Liberty and they held interviews last month. I know when I graduated last year, most of the interviews were over by this time. The way the three hospitals I scheduled interviews with worked was they had one day where they had mass interviews to fill all of their grad nurse positions. I think for May grads Liberty, MO (right by KC) had 18 openings (I think). It is hard as a new grad to get into specialty areas such as the ER, ICU or OB. Most of the places that had openings for those areas are now full. You might want to call Liberty (816)781-7200 and ask though (if you're intereseted in Med Surg - I know the ER positions are full). I've worked there for 6 years and love it (most of the time). Worked as a tech for 5 years, and almost a year now as a RN. I received a good orientation, was able to take classes for tele and other educational opportunities. I am taking ACLS tomorrow. The pay is great and they are currently offering $250/$300 bonuses for picking up extra shifts (in addition to the OT you would receive). (Not by any means mandatory to pick up extra, just if you want).
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