Please help me fill out my w-4 :)

  1. i don't know how much to withhold. i tried the irs calculator and here's what it says.

    based on your responses, your anticipated income tax for 2006 is $211. if you do not change your current withholding arrangement, you will have $0 withheld for 2006, leaving $211 due when you file your return. to meet your anticipated tax of $211, change your current withholding arrangement by claiming 0 allowances plus an additional amount of $46 for the balance of 2006. here's how:
    • enter 0 on line 5 of your [color=#661c80]form w-4.
    • divide $46 by the number of paydays remaining in 2006 and enter the result on line 6 of your form w-4. this is the extra amount you need to have withheld each payday to ensure that you do not have too little withheld. assuming 10 paydays remain for a biweekly pay frequency, this amount is $5.
    • check the "single" box on your form w-4.
    assuming this recommendation is in effect for the rest of 2006, your withholding will approximately equal your anticipated tax, and any refund or balance due should be less than $25.

    if i use withhold five dollars per pay period, then i would only be withholding 46 for the year. how to i withhold the $211 they mentioned? and why is there an additional amount of $46 to the $211 when it says my anticipated tax income is $211. i don't have a personal tax person to go to because i decided to switch this year. and i don't want to pay the $50 to visit a tax person just to ask this question. any advice would help, thanks.
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  3. by   vamedic4
    Do yourself a favor and go to Send her an email and she will gladly answer your question. Let her know in detail what you need to do. For example, do you want nothing taken out of your check? If so, claim the max number of exemptions...If you only want a little taken out...claim less. Go and they'll steer you in the right direction.

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  4. by   TheCommuter
    You can claim as many or as few exemptions as you please. You might receive a tax refund if you claim 0 or 1 dependents. You might owe money to the IRS if you claim 9 dependents, so it all depends. This is quite a peculiar place to ask for tax advice since we're all nurses and students, not tax professionals or accountants.