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AAAh I am starting a new job soon and just went to orientation. Immediately I knew the women was a little off. By the time I left I already felt like I had done something wrong! She would say if... Read More

  1. by   buddhak0n
    Sometimes that's just one personality... I'm doing a clinical at the local County Hospital hoping to work there at the end of the "trial" or "training" period... and during that time I get to meet everyone I could be working alongside... Some people will explain things slowly and be as helpful as possible...

    Other people will try to mess with your head and point out things that are terminable offenses.. Heck I've even had someone be both people all in the span of a few days...

    It's the same thing when you start working somewhere...

    Some people will have tunnel vision and concentrate only on the task at hand.. Other people will be all over the place and still get the job done. Some people will only care about doing their work.
    Others will only care about what "EVERYBODY" else's work IS and not worry about what THEY should be doing.. You never know who you are dealing with on what day......

    I wouldn't judge a job off of how the person was during that short period but if it was that offensive.. that's your call..

    It's like anything... it's your choice... But meeting someone who behaved like that in a hospital or health care facility to me wasn't all that surprising especially in a place that tends to have high turnover..

    They probably dont' "invest" anything friendly in new hires until they see whether or not you'll be sticking around for longer than the 2 day orientation ..

    Just my two cents.
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  2. by   crackerjack
    RUN FORREST, RUN!!! Seriously, get out before you find yourself sucked into the vortex.