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Ok here, goes. I am Canadian. Work in an ICU. Like it, but considering a change. Would like input-advice.......any thoughts. Here is the situation. I am looking for a bit of change-adventure. I... Read More

  1. by   micro
    JMP.........there are cost comparison sites that you can check out.....they will also give you information about housing, working, entertainment, cost of living, etc......and compare to area you are currently in......
    if i find the page.....i will post it or PM you.........but if memory serves me correctly.......try search engine with relocation and you should find it.........
  2. by   JMP
    Thanks everyone for your input. I will start a big research project now on Austin and Flagstaff.

    Can anyone give me any more feedback on Austin? I have already told my husband that we will have to go and visit Austin. We have been to Flagstaff twice, but need to check out Austin.

    Thanks for any further input. I really take it all to heart and I AM LISTENING!

  3. by   elish954
    Well, I understand where you are coming from when it comes to some of the salaries hospitals pay. I was totally shocked to discover how low the salrary for an RN in San Diego was. One nurse on another forum shared how her friend, also an RN had to work an extra job just to pay the rent. I have visited there, and the cost of living and housing is outrageous to say the least.