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  1. Any RN's working in a plasma donation center? I have an interview on Monday and would like some pointers..................what exactly do the nurses do there?
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  3. by   SaderNurse05
    I would proceed with caution. We have a company that hires RNs, LVNs, Paramedics, etc. to serve as "physician substitutes". I applied for a job years ago in Houston and was offerred twice what I was making at that time. After the tour I could see why. This business was strictly in to make money and it looked to me like they were cutting a lot of corners. I was scared and turned it down..Please share with us if you do interview. I would be interested to see what they say. Good luck.
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  4. by   kstec
    I also interviewed at a plasma center and was shocked even when I walked in the door to see the type of clients that were there. Almost everyone in there were in need of money and that is why they were donating. The interviewer told me that some people use the money to eat, buy diapers, or alcohol, etc. I kind of felt bad that I would be taking advantage of people who were down and out and us paying them for their plasma. I then felt bad because I knew that some of these people were going to use the money to buy drugs or alcohol. People were laying in recliners with big hoses attached with unlicensed personel filtering their plasma. They didn't even use a phlebotemist (sp) for the insertion of needles and hook up of the filter machine. Nurses and paramedics were basically there to step in when someone crashed. Good luck in whatever you choose but this place made me feel real uneasy, so when offered the job, I turned it down.
  5. by   bklynborn
    Interesting info. I actually googled the company and they look legit. Will let you know what I find out.
  6. by   nursemaggy
    I am currently a nurse employed at a plasma donation center and the reason they hire nurses is to be the bull dog to keep out persons that are on drugs etc. You should take the job because you (if you are an ethical nurse) would be just what the industry needs. Persons with questionable ethics have no business being a ps. I dont know about other plasma companies but the one I work for provides more than adequate training several quality check points to prevent mistakes a full time quality watch dog not employed on a local level but answering to the larger quality portion of the company so he/she can't be coercion into letting bad things happen the phlebs are well trained as well as nurses screeners and lab techs. If a donor is cought lying to the center they are deferred forever. The FDA audits the centers just like JACHO monitors hospitals. There is no shame in donateing or working in a center. My center has had nurse practioers and doctors donate college students single moms or just plain hard working people who like having the extra fun money. I always tell my donors that this isn't bill money don't come in expecting to donate because if you aren't healty that day, cold flu low crit or what ever you don't donate, it is for their safety. We have an extensive screening process and have three large books that dictate our every pen mark and move in the center. This is the most monitored and regulated job I have ever had. I have a sence of pride to my work to make sure that our center is as error free as possible and produces the highest of quality plasma products as possible. So to the nurses that turned down plasma jobs, you just don't know what you are missing to work in an environment that you arn't pressured to cut corners. The time and resources to do things like you were tought in school, and to hold on to your ethics. If the center you interveiwed with doen't hold to these standards I ensure you that the FDA will rectify that very quickly by closing the center.
  7. by   bklynborn
    Went to the interview .....I ended up not taking the job and moving to Colorado.
  8. by   RNMNC
    I know its been several years since but if you don't mind would you share with us as why did you decided not to take the job offer after you interviewed. Reason I am asking is I've had the phone interview and have an in person interview tomorrow at the center.