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    As a side note, they are closing our VA hospital here. In Chicago. As you can imagine, it's an extremely busy hospital. They claim there is not enough funding from the Fed government to keep it open. Ridiculous and filled with lies. Perhaps a few less pork barrel projects and a few more dollars to the VA?

    I have no idea what these poor soldiers, who were promised a lifetime of care, are going to do. It's obscene....

    you are kidding - there arent many as it is - if my son who is a vet gets sick we already have to drive at least an hour and half or more to get to the va clinic let alone a hospital................... i am in wisconsin. this si disturbing.......................
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    Interesting that you talked about medical supplies and products. I kept ordering IBU the other day from the pharmacy and couldn't get any and we were out. I called and the Pharmacist told me they were having trouble getting it. So what's up???? Drugs like Tylenol and Advil are no longer made in the good old USA. Outsourced because it is cheaper. I don't know how true this is as I have not looked into it further, but don't have reason to believe he would lie.

    maybe they are getting it cheaper but it boilsdown to so they can make more money - thats why they throw a fit if one gets meds from say cananda where its much cheaper - they loose money -

    anyone that has a pet can attest - go get the SAME antibiotics or xray or etc - for your dog that you would your kid and see the price difference- ive often half joked with my vet that hey my kids are animals cant i bring em here lol. they dont get the HUGE price difference either excpet that its all about the money....................
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    Quote from Mudwoman
    Some more thought. Went on the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the Govt puts out. For RN's the number of nurses leaving the occupation from ages 60-64 is nearly 60% of the number of nurses working in the 55-59 age bracket. Not surprising that after age 59, we find the work too physically demanding.

    But, what if there is no Social Security, no retirement benefits, no way to quit working for many of us? I could not live on the proposed Social Security wage of $800 that I might get at age 62 and my full retirement age is now 67.

    Some more info.

    There are approx 2,500,000 RN's. Avg pay is $27.35 hr. 1,400,000 approx work in hospitals.
    States with the highest concentration and largest percent of state employment are: Mass. (avg $32), S. Dakota (avg $23), MS (avg $23), W. Virg. (avg $23), and Maine (avg $25)
    Top paying states: CA(avg $34), Maryland (avg $32), Mass (avg $32), Hawaii (avg $32), N. Jersey (avg $30)

    There are approx 725,000 LPN/LVN's Avg pay is $17.41. The number employed in Nursing Hms and Hospitals is about even.
    States with the highest concentration and largest percent of state employment are: Arkansas, LA, W. Virg, OK, MS (salaries avg $13.50)
    Top paying states: Conn, D. C., N Jersey, Mass, RI (sal avg $22)

    APN/NP. There are approx 58,000. Avg wage $42.13 hr. Most all work in Hospitals and Dr Offices.
    States with highest concentration: MO (avg $43) RI (avg $38) IL (avg $18) AZ (avg $63) ID (avg $27)
    Highest paying states: MT (avg $85) AR (avg $78) NV (avg $76) SC (avg $70) W. Virg (avg $67)

    In the avg's above I have rounded to the nearest $$ for simplicity.

    Best Metro area to work for an RN: San-Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, CA with avg of $42.28 hr.

    Best Metro area for LPN/LVN: San Francisco/San Mateo/Redwood City, CA with avg of $25.05

    Best place for NP/APN: Clarksville, TN/KY with an avg of $94 hr. Close behind is Kingsport/Bristol TN/VA and Prescott, AZ with $93 hr.

    In doing all this, I have to admit that living in the Hot Springs, AR area and it being one of the worst places for LPN's, this probably gives me a different paradigm of the future. But, a lot of the nursing "shortage" has to do with older nurses leaving the profession in their 50's and baby boomers getting socialized medicine called Medicare. I don't think the boomers can afford to retire. They will work till they drop and there won't be much money for medical care for them. Lots of people will be hoping they drop soon.
    damn!! i am in the wrong area- i am not making much more than an "average" LPN - i am an RN................. wonder where they get their averages from - lol i know its not in my area hahhaa
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    I'm not really sure what this means. You mean to say with all this disillusion, the population (of German) found a strong leader (in Hitler) and blindly followed him, despite the horrors for which he was responsible?

    So are you saying a horrible person could come along to lead the country (George W.) and we would blindly follow him into a disastrous reign of terror?

    I don't think George W. is the same as Hitler, but I'd like to know why there is a war in Iraq that the majority of the country DOES NOT SUPPORT. How does this happen, in a democracy?

    i guess its where you live that you get your opinions on wether the majority supports or doesnt - in my area - we are mostly supportive of this war and feel the majority of teh country does support it ( from what we hear from relatives in others areas of the US )- as for bush - well - he is out in a few anyhow- and i dont think its him we need to worry about - its the ones who will come in after raising the taxes back up and screwing americans of their monies.
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    People complain about spending money on the war in Iraq, but have no problem w/ the millions if not billions of dollars spent on the useless 'war on drugs' that has cost countless lives. It hasn't worked, it will never work, and it's costing a fortune to keep trying to treat something as a crime that should be treated as an addiction problem or a vice. If we must spend a huge fortune on fighting drug abuse, find a method that works and quit wasting money. That's dollars that could have gone to treatment programs or healthcare, for sure.
    I'm wondering also about infant mortality rate. Are they including high risk mothers? Do we in the US have a higher percentage of women who are high risk to begin with trying to have babies when maybe they shouldn't? Do we have a higher rate of fertility treatments resulting in multiple births? I'd be interested to know.