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  1. Hey there folks.
    Just as a curious question, is anybody aware of any travel nurse agencies that take new graduates? Associate Degree graduates, at that?
    I will not be out of school for another year or so, but I know that I would like to spend a few years traveling the country. I think that the experience I can pick up, as well as the contacts I can make, will make it much easier when I decide to settle in somewhere.
    I have the feeling that it may be the only chance to see some of the places I keep seeing on T.V. and in magazines, and telling myself that I am going to visit someday.
    I am planning on specializing in E.R. and trauma since I have been a paramedic for 13 years, and I have researched a lot of level 1 trauma centers that I would like to work at to gain some experience. I think that after a few years I can sit and pick the one that would suit my desire for busy days and controlled chaos. Any thoughts?

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  3. by   live4today
    Hello Gregory

    After you graduate, work a year in acute care somewhere, then apply to a travel agency to become a traveling nurse. I use to be a traveling nurse and am thinking of doing it again next year. Go for it, but get grounded in your nursing skills first. does NOT matter what your degree. What matters is that you are licensed to practice as a nurse.