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  1. Hello, Iam new to the sight and am very excited to have found it. I have been tasked by my manager to see I can not change our Plan of care(a 8 page nightmare). Any suggestions or samples would greatly be appreciated. Candy
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    hi, candy!

    can i assume that you are working in a nursing home and you are talking, at the least, about a care plan for one resident?

    here are links to some sample care plans that you can view on the internet, but i will warn you that they are not geared to long term care. your best bet is to do a search on barnes and noble or amazon for geriatric care plans and see what comes up. i haven't been working in ltc for a few years, but when i did, i did a lot of care plan writing. the needs are basic are usually revolve around inability to perform their adls. nutrition is very big as well and is often one of the first listed items in priority on the care plan. i recommend that you prioritize the nursing diagnoses by mazlow. here's a link to his theory in case you don't recall it:'s_hierarchy_of_needs - maslow's hierarchy of needs

    the items within the tiers also are arranged in order of priority as well. i also use nursing diagnosis handbook: a guide to planning care, 7th edition, by betty j. ackley and gail b. ladwig for a lot of the care plan writing and advice i give to the student nurses here on the allnurses forums. everything is done by the nanda nursing diagnoses these days. i would also recommend that you ask your manager if your facility has any policy already in place guiding how the plans of care are to be written so you stay within the facility policy, or you might get dinged when the state comes a surveying. have fun! there's not many of us that really like writing care plans. feel free to pm (private message) me if you need any help or guidance with this--project! :wink2: - from rn central's care plan corner. here are care plans for 49 basic nursing problems. also includes a template for a blank form you can print out. each care plan gives you the language needed to write the nursing diagnosis statement, suggestions for outcomes, and nursing interventions for that particular problem. - sample care plan for potential for injury (aspiration) - sample care plan for fluid volume excess - this is an archives of student nursing care plans at the state university of new york, buffalo. you will need to check out the links to the various care plans to find out what each care plan is about as they are not given in the links. - sample care plan for an ms patient - sample care plans for a patient with copd from the nurses in training web site

    welcome to allnurses!