Physicians Leaving Sharps Behind - page 2

:angryfire I'm trying to find some research on how hospitals or nurses are dealing with physicians leaving sharps for other staff to clean up. Not so much on a personal level but on a hospital wide... Read More

  1. by   teeituptom
    Quote from Agnus
    This may have worked. However, passiveagressive behavior does not belong in a professional enviorment. It is not adult behavior.

    Simply telling the person that he needs to dispose of his sharps so that others are not put at risk should be enough. Any responsible and considerate adult should respond favorabley to this. If the physician behaves like a child then he needs to be written up and this should be carried up the chain of command. He does not have a right to put others at risk.

    If you do not get satisfaction from the chain of command then OSHA would certainly be interested in this.
    Call me king of the passiveaggressive
    It worked
    it was fun
    we all loved it
  2. by   AmiK25
    When ANY physician (attending or resident) leaves sharps in my patient's room, I go find them and politely ask them to clean them up! If they have already left the unit, I page them and politely ask them to come back and clean them up. It has only happened a few times, but I have never had one say no, nor have I ever had them leave their sharps more than once.