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Anyone ever hear of this title for a nurse? The first time I ever heard of it was today at a blood bank. Some of what they do are mini physicals I was told. I would like to know if there are any... Read More

  1. by   flowjoe64
    Okay, I just had the STRANGEST phone interview with one of the well known plasma donor centers regional recruiters. SHE scheduled the phone interview after I sent her a questionnaire with my salary requirements...etc.

    So, she calls LATE, and then proceeds to tell me why I would not want the job of physician substitute. She said that they will not pay me anything near what my last job has been. And that I know I SAID salary was negotiable...but they will not pay the top end for an RN coming in. She says it sounds like I have a better and more stable schedule right now and at this company I would have to do weekends and evening shifts, and that they dont schedule more than two weeks ahead. She thought I was over qualified, and I would not be challenged enough... I told her I was willing to take a cut in pay to work closer to home and that I was looking forsomething less stressful. I also told her that I normally discuss salary with the hiring manager...and that it seemed more appropriate once we agree that I am THE RIGH PERSON.She even said that my working on my BSN concerned her as, most of those type of nurses don't stay. So she goes on and on about every I said this...

    "Okay, I have to say that this is the first interview I have ever had, where my pursuing an advanced degree was some kind of "red flag" or indicative of a problem. To most people, it shows initiative.

    "I asked her what was it about my resume, then that made her want to contact me in the first place?" She said she liked my background and job stability. (??!!!)

    This woman is mental. Basically what I got from this huge waste of 30 minutes of my time is this.

    Do not apply to this company if....

    *** You are a cogent and thinking person with goals and aspirations as We REALLY want people who have nowhere else to go preferably former "shift nurses" who look at this as a step up."
    *** Our ad says LVN/EMT/RN's wanted...but we really want the cheapest person we can get that has a pulse and will show up whenever we want to work a really boring and uninteresting job.
    ***If you are making a good bit of money...why would you want to take a huge pay cut to work for us....oh, and yes....we don't care how much experience you, in particular may bring to the company...we are looking for the cheapest person we can find. Quality is not a factor in this decision. We can teach a monkey how to do this job. AND I quote "...We really dont have to have all nurses working here, but we always like to have a couple." ( R.N.s ain't that special at our company..and we aint payin like you are neither.)

    So after she trashed her own company to me and told me I would not like the job after what I have been doing...I said...

    "You know what? You are right. I dont think this is the right place for me." then she seemed confused and said this...
    "Well. dont you want me to at least tell the manager we spoke?"

    I SAID, SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!