Physician malpractice issues... who's left?

  1. In Northern Ohio, and Western PA, Malpractice has reached enourmus heights, driving physicians from the area to other parts of the country. At the hospital I work at, we have lost 4 OB/GYN's, 1 neuro surgeon, 1 neurologist, 1 gastroenterologist, 1 cardiologist, 2 pulmonary/critical care docs, and 4 more to leave. This is a 450 bed hospital. Their only option is to join one of the (only two main hospital systems here). If they do thatm the system pys for their malpractice. HOWEVER, they then become an employee of that system. i.e. - Salary, vacation, hours, everything is determined by the system. Most dont want that, most want to stay private but can't afford it, so they leave. Some retire IF they can afford their tail end malpractice up front.

    Some malpractice INS fees (true to life):

    Gen Surgery - Ohio $72,000yr Indiana - $13,000yr

    OB/GYN - Ohio $131,000yr Minnisota - $32,000 yr
    Ohio $128,000yr Maine - $25,000yr

    GI Ohio $64,000yr Phoenix - < $30,000yr

    Neuro Surgery Ohio - $233,000yr

    Doctors just don't make or have the money to pay these amounts anymore. Malpractice is driven by lawsuites, or even just named in one. It raises their costs. Medical insurance costs get higher and higher. Burger flippers, dishwashers and taxi drivers are the "peers" on the jury. It's outrageous! Ecspecially when most cases are frivilous, dropped or settled out of court.

    I am so disappointed, because my pulmonologist is now leaving for Texas. He is clearly in my mind, and most others one of the best doctors here. Now I have to find someone else? The public has no idea how bad this thing is geting. Tort reform? Not even in sight. In the end it's the lawyers against the doctors, it's all about money, not your loved one. the docotors are loosing this battle.

    Anybody else have these issues going on in their area?

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