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  1. Hello all! First time poster here.

    I'm not an RN (although that's my ultimate goal) but I've been in a phlebotomy program for a couple months now and have my first training day this week in the hospital. I'm starting to feel a little nervous about it because this will my first time ever stepping in to a hospital doing any sort of a medical procedure. I'm not so much nervous about performing venipunctures since I've been poking my poor classmates all this time, so I know I'm fully capable but I guess I'm just nervous about being in a new environment.

    Maybe to ease my nerves: what all should I expect in the hospital?
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  3. by   JBudd
    Everywhere is different, has their own culture. Be early, be well dressed/groomed, show respect, be willing to pitch in, never tell the one teaching you "well in school we learned it this way". Watch how people interact. Volunteer to do things, don't wait to be asked. Ask questions! Nevver assume you know exactly what to do, better to ask than make mistakes.