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  1. Hey all. I haven't been on here since I started nursing school. Somehow I made it through the year and I graduated two weeks ago! I have two job offers on the table - one at a hospital down the street for me at night and another about 45 minutes away from me for days. My first problem is that I am nervous about working nights, but not thrilled to commute either. I am also slightly freaking out over the pharm tests for both hospitals. I had a substandard pharmacology class and I really don't feel like I know very much. I have picked up on the drugs I gave most frequently, but that is about it. Anyone have good study tips or places to find study information? I have spent hours looking up drugs and making note cards, but I still can't pick up on what they will find to be the most important points of each drug. Thanks!

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  3. by   BSN/OncoNurse
    Know how to do drip rates as out dated as it may seem with IVAC pumps. Try to know the main drugs - like ones that have drug levels you have to watch ie Digoxen, Vancomycin, etc. Remember your insulin peaks, look at whatever you used in nursing school for your pharmacy tests. The hospital tests tend to be pretty general. They mostly want to know that you know how to do the math that it takes to figure dosages on the floor. Good Luck with whatever job you take. From personal experience, I found that working day shift for my first job helped me pick up on drugs, dosages, dressing changes, and all those little things that don't happen on nights. After I felt my assessment skills were good and I knew my stuff then I went to nights and loved it, because I knew what to watch for. Good luck.
  4. by   Gator,SN
    I just took the drug test for my new job and it was so awful that I ended up laughing about it.(wanted to cry!)
    I hated pharm in school and have never felt comfortable with it, although I did very well in the class. Half the drugs on this facilities test, I have enver seen before but I ended up passing because I just used the skills I learned in the NCLEX review class I took. The nclex review books have great tips on picking the right answer, so that may help you.
    Good luck to you!