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    I have been asked to lead a group on my tier. It could be about anything. The patients are fairly functional and most are pretty good about self care. There are several patients who do suffer from dementia. They have already completed groups on medication management, and several groups related to communication and self esteeem. I wanted to do a group about personal care, ie nutrition, personal hygiene, making good choices from the commisary list, exercise, the importance of showering and skin care as well as good sleep habits. Most of my patients are long term residents and they all have some form of chronic illness ranging from diabetes, cardiovasvular, and HTN. I realize they are older ie 50+. I don't want to talk down to them, but I want to be able to give them some education. Most of them are illeterate so pictures and simple descriptions would be helpful.

    My question is this. .. I have NEVER led a group before and I don't know exactly where to get cirriculum for this. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions? Where is a good place to find cirriculim? How do I go about leading this group?
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    Have u checked the teaching stuff under home health nursing?
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    Thank you very much...the links are helpful!
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    Quote from PrisonPsychRN
    Thank you very much...the links are helpful!
    Your welcome. I can't express enough thanks to the folks who put up all the awesome stickies.