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for those who don't want to read about my period mishaps...go no further. i have posted before about my problems with my bc pill. now, however, i have not had a period since august!!! i have... Read More

  1. by   Super_RN
    Quote from Bipley
    While it is unlikely this is thyroid related, please please please pretty please with sugar on top... get your T3 and T4 drawn? Please? I belong to a yahoo thyroid group and one woman complained of your symptoms and she too had a very low TSH. But her T3 and T4 told the story. She had mega thyroid problems. She now gripes about TSH worshippers. ;o) (Docs who only look at TSH and nothing more)

    I tend to think yours is more of a hormonal problem, but what the heck... just get the labs.
    Thanks! I will be calling later today and see what happens