Per Diem Nursing Agency

  1. I just had a question if anyone knew the basics on per diem nursing working for an agnecy? Do you know if you have to travel far? If you dont travel far are there only a few jobs available? Im sure the pay is good right? Anybody know the positive and negative aspects?
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  3. by   TDub
    This is funny--I just did a search on this very topic and would have written the exact question.

    I need more hours at more money (and who doesn't?). I'm starting grad school in the fall and my daughter is going to New Zealand in July with AFS. Both of these are going to cost a bomb. I think I can either a) do per diem within an hour's drive or b) spend 3 nights away from home about 50-200 miles away as a travel nurse.
    I am already working 3 jobs. I'll have to quit at least two to consolidate and not go crazy. I can't really travel since my husband and kids can't leave with me.
    I would emphasize asking about the most important things to you UP FRONT. Recruiters get on a roll and keep talking about Florida or something when all you want to know is how much an hour the job pays. I've learned you can waste a lot of time that way. Be clear and polite but firm.
    Travel pays far more than per diem. However, many places only ask you to travel 50 miles to count as travel. So-you drive an hour or so, get the housing allowance for 7 days, high rate of pay (30-55/hr) and maybe a completion bonus of 1000 - 5000 bucks, none of which you get with per diem.

    That's my two cents!
  4. by   wearingmanyhats
    I have been an agency LPN for 18 yrs..... I started because I needed work, and kids were little, so being able to pick and choose shifts/days really worked.

    I love it and would never consider doing anything else. I have the flexibility to choose if I want a shift or not, and the money is GREAT!!!

    The downside??? No benifits and no promise of hours per week, but I managed to make more than $35,000 last year with 3 weeks off on vacation, and 3 weeks working for my school district at camp with our 6th graders.... (they paid me well too, but I did not include it in that $35,000 figure)

  5. by   Levin
    Agreed, I have family duties so Agency really works for me.

    There is a huge variance in Agencies so find one that works for you.
    I have had agencies that got me 1 shift in 35 availables.
    The other Agency I'm with now, is 65 shifts from 67 availables.
    I like my current agency.